Should You Choose Dark or Light Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets?

The color of your Minnesota kitchen cabinets is important; it will set the tone for your kitchen and help to create a space that is bright and airy or warm and cozy.  It needs to coordinate well with your other surfaces and with the overall theme of your home.

Whether to choose dark or light Minnesota kitchen cabinets will depend upon your own tastes as well as the size of your kitchen and how much natural light it may get.  Small kitchens may demand lighter cabinets so the cabinets don’t swallow the light, whereas larger kitchens can handle darker cabinets without the space seeming like a cave.  If you don’t get much natural light you may opt for lighter cabinets no matter the size of the space, but a small kitchen with lots of natural light may do well with darker cabinets because the light will help to keep the space bright and airy.

While it’s good to think of the overall design theme of your home when choosing the color of your Minnesota kitchen cabinets, note that you can make either side of the spectrum work in different ways.  For example, if you prefer old-world or traditional themes, you can use lighter shades if you opt for antique white or off-white.  If you prefer a modern design to your home, you may choose dark Minnesota kitchen cabinets but in a Shaker style so they look very modernized and updated.

Your accessories and hardware will also dress up your Minnesota kitchen cabinets so give these some thought.  Light cabinets with warm metals for accessories and hardware such as brass and bronze will have an old-world feeling, whereas stark white cabinets with stainless steel accessories will seem modern and new.  Keep this in mind when choosing your colors.

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