Matching Kitchen Furniture with Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets


Many kitchens have dining space or adjoining dining space.  This keeps the dining area close to the kitchen.  For some time now, you have been looking over the different options you have to replace your existing Minnesota kitchen cabinets with a new design, but that doesn’t mean that you have to change all of your dining area furniture.   You can keep the furniture and still have a totally new look to your kitchen.  The cabinets are what make this room of the house look special and you do want it to look special, that is why you are thinking about renovations in the first place.  The old look is out and you want something new and that is great!  There is some good news that you need to know about if you don’t already know it.  RTA kitchen cabinets are a way to get the look you want at a lower cost than traditional cabinets.  All that RTA means is that you get kits of built cabinet structures and you put them together kind of like a puzzle, except for the fact that complete instructions are included so that you don’t end up with something that looks like it came out of an Escher drawing.

It is easy to choose a design for your Minnesota kitchen cabinets with RTA.  The selections are vast and there is a style that will match your kitchen furniture or dining room furniture.  In fact, you can use the theme of your furniture to pick the cabinets for your new kitchen.  Even if you are just replacing the kitchen cabinets and not doing any other renovation on the kitchen it will make a huge difference.  You will find designs that are perfect for your home and by using these kitchen cabinets, you will save money.  When you are able to build the cabinets and install them on your own, you have a hand-on experience.  Match your new kitchen look to the rest of you dining area and love it while saving money and improving the value of your home.

Getting a Good Lead Time for Kitchen Cabinets in WA

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent endeavor.  This is the most expensive room in the house to remodel, but it increases the value of the home exponentially and will pay for itself when you sell the home.  Once you start the renovation process, you start to realize how important time is as a factor in the building process.  If you have to wait too long for your kitchen cabinets in WA to be ready, that stretches out the time for the project and ultimately means that you have to invest more money than you had originally planned.  It is important to consider the cost margin for the time it will take to remodel your kitchen, but it is also important to have a functional kitchen as soon as you can.  You can’t use your neighbor’s kitchen for too long.  Custom cabinets have a lead time of about 2-3 months depending on specifications.  Stock cabinets have no lead time at all, but they are not the cheapest option.  RTA kitchen cabinets in WA, on the other hand, have a lead time that is usually no longer than two weeks and they cost less than stock cabinets while having a stronger structure. 

RTA cabinets are “ready-to-assemble” kitchen cabinets that you put together with your own skills.  Realistically, you don’t actually have to possess any skills to assemble this type of kitchen cabinets.  They are made for people who want to install them on their own, so they are easy to put together and even easier to install.  When it comes to the bottom line, you can save a lot of money by choosing these kitchen cabinets.  What you end up with is a kitchen that looks phenomenal and the overall quality of the cabinets it top-notch with solid plywood build and wood doors that look like a custom job.  Make your Washington kitchen the best it can be.

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