Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets in Contemporary Black

Most people avoid using black in their kitchens because they believe that it will look depressing or evil in some way.  The truth is that Minnesota kitchen cabinets in black or deep, dark tones close to black are excellent for a Contemporary design.  The modern style for kitchens uses solid colors with smooth transitions and striking accents like stainless steel boarders on a kitchen island.  Usually, the design is done in black or white.  Black kitchen cabinets look amazing and create the ultimate contemporary look if you compliment them with certain colors for the walls.  There is nothing dreary about dark or black tones because there is going to be plenty of light reflecting off of the high gloss.  Soft gray or Guacamole Green are actually superb wall colors to add warmth and liveliness to the setting of black Minnesota kitchen cabinets to create a contemporary kitchen.

This concept works well with an added kitchen island.  You should look at some pictures of modern kitchen design that use black cabinets.  The first thing you will notice and be surprised by is how deep and rich the room looks.  The appliances appear artful in such a setting.  With the added kitchen island, there is much more space too.  If you are seeking a contemporary look, use RTA cabinets in deep dark to black tones.  If you really want to be bold and mix it up, you can use colors like bright red or cerulean blue as solid, continuous wall colors.  Get some modern furniture with stainless steel structures to place in front of the kitchen island and you have a great design accent to go with the black tone as well as an additional dining area.  Take a leap and erase your old, boring kitchen.  Replace the cabinets and build a sleek, modern design.

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