How to Put Together your New RTA Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets

You’ve already ordered your ready-to-assemble (RTA) Minnesota kitchen cabinets. They’ve arrived at your home and are ready to be put together. If you are feeling a bit anxious about putting your new Minnesota kitchen cabinets together, don’t! The packages will contain easy to follow, step-by-step directions, complete with pictures. However, if you want some additional assurance, read through this RTA assembly guide before you begin.

  • Gather the tools needed for assembly. If you’ve chosen a quality RTA cabinet store to purchase your RTA kitchen cabinets from, then you won’t need many tools at all. In fact, modern RTA kitchen cabinets only need a screwdriver to put them together! Check the instructions that came with your cabinets. Other RTAs require a drill and/or a rubber mallet.
  • Set up an appropriate workspace. If you have enough space to put them together on your kitchen floor, then that would be the best place for assembly. You might want to lay down some old blankets on the floor, in order to protect your new cabinets from being scratched up while you work on them.
  • Open the package(s) carefully, being careful not to damage the contents. Use a sharp set of scissors or box cutters for this step.
  • Pull out all pieces and familiarize yourself with what they are. Put like pieces together and make sure all pieces are there before you begin assembly.
  • Locate the bag of hardware. Look through the screws, pins, hinges and anything else included. Again, make sure everything is there, as outlined in the instructions.
  • Assemble! Follow along each step until you’re done.

If you still don’t feel 100% confident that you can do this, take some time to look at the numerous videos online that show people putting together ready-to-assemble Minnesota kitchen cabinets. By then you should really be able to tell how simple it really is. Now get to work!

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