One Quick Way to Update Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets

If your Minnesota kitchen cabinets could use something of a facelift, you know that it can be expensive to replace them completely.  Once you start to add up the cost of cabinets and cupboards and all the accessories and elements that go with them, it can run any homeowner literally tens of thousands of dollars to do this job completely.

This means that many homeowners are often searching for quicker and easier ways to update and modernize their Minnesota kitchen cabinets, and the good news is that you have several options from which to choose.

One thing you might want to do is consider just replacing door fronts and drawer fronts rather than the entire cabinets themselves.  Often the cabinets are in good shape but they simply look a bit drab and tired, especially if the doors have an inlaid pattern that is a bit old-fashioned or that doesn’t seem to fit the décor of the rest of your home.

Choosing new doors can also mean doing this job yourself, if you can match the wood and paint color exactly.  Typically it’s simply a matter of unscrewing the hinges from the old doors and then screwing on the hinges for your new doors and drawers.  It might be a bit time consuming, but setting aside a Saturday for an entirely new kitchen can be worth it if it means not having to replace your Minnesota kitchen cabinets altogether.

When you do purchase new doors for your Minnesota kitchen cabinets, you may also take the opportunity to paint or stain your cabinets and replace the hardware for a completely new look.  This can mean getting an updated and modernized kitchen for much less than you would pay for having all your cabinets and cupboards replaced entirely.

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