How to Warm Up Your Minnesota Kitchen Cabinets

Minnesota is known for its long, cold winters, which means you want the inside of your home to be as cozy as possible.  This includes the kitchen area, and some warm colors can help to create a cozy and inviting space.  It’s easy to warm up your Minnesota kitchen cabinets without making them too dark, if you consider how to do this properly.

One thing you might consider is a shade that is dark enough to be warm and cozy but not so dark that it overwhelms the space.  Cold, stark white can be a mistake in Minnesota but you may not want to go the opposite route and choose mocha or maple.  Instead, try warm colors of cinnamon, harvest or sunset maple which both tone down the maple colors, or Brandywine.  These are all deep colors that are very rich and warm but which do not overwhelm your kitchen space.

Another consideration is that you can choose very dark cabinets such as mocha or chestnut, and then break up the look of the wood overall by adding glass door fronts, or using open shelving in place of one set of cabinets.  This means your Minnesota kitchen cabinets will be warm and cozy but your entire kitchen space will not be surrounded by dark wood so that it absorbs the light.

How you decorate your kitchen will also be important when you want to warm up your Minnesota kitchen cabinets.  A lighter shade of paint on the walls and lighter floor tiles and countertops will let your cabinets stand out and will keep your kitchen from being too dark.  This will mean a cozy space that you’ll enjoy even during your long winters but not one that is dreary or depressing or too dark.

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